Angel Beats! First Impression

Angel Beats! produced by P.A. Works and Aniplex has total 13 episode tv series. Story was done by Jun-Maeda and original character design was done by Na-Ga. In Seiji Kishi‘s directing, Angel Beats! began its promising hits on April 3rd.

The main male character who call himself Otonashi does wake up in unknown place which at glance likes common Japanese high school, which actually is Afterlife world or place for dead people before entering heaven. Few seconds after his conscious, a girl holding a sniper riffle greets him while aiming to a cute target called Angel. That girl is Yuri or Yurippe, the leader of SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen, 死んだ世界戦線, “Afterlife War Front”) group. She asks Otonashi to join the group and fight Angel to avoid reincarnation so they can live eternally in this world.

Soon Otonashi meets another members. The most annoying is Noda, who has high royal toward Yurippe. As both the writter and designer are from Key studio, no wonder we can find similar scene and joke-style as Clannad and Air. Above screenshot when Noda doing 100hits will remind you to Tomoyo’s kicks ^^

One of members Iwasawa from diversionary division is leader of GirlsDemo or Girls Dead Monster female band. Their main mission is cover up all activities of operation of SSS. Another girls band, following K-ON! and Haruhi?

Summary, do enjoy this series. I can say it is my most fav series for Spring. But first they need to correct some fails ;D i.e. shining meal ticket and Yurippe’s way in holding the riffle.


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