Moe W Mini Gallery

Are you still remember with both previous galleries? Thanks to Yuuno works that now Kamen Rider W series has chance to appear in our beloved moe 2D following Decade and Blade. You can take a sight of them before read this post from my new header. No waiting anymore I have started it with base henshin pose of W as you see above.

FangJoker is most awesome form for me even compared to CycloneJoker Extreme form. The pic took place in episode 15, the first henshin time for Fang. Even the Fang Raptor memory drawn in moe shape ^_^

Don’t worry Accel has his place too. Look at her collar, it’s same jacket as Terui worn in show. So are you ready to ride? ^_^

But moe Accel didn’t really become a motorbike (no any wheels attached to her body though). They are fighting Liar dopant on episode 24. Also known as most creepy show in W history >:3

Get ready for last pic. Culture in kamen rider series when there are two riders working together is to performing multiple kick or also called “Double Kick”. This culture always performed when fighting incredible enemy so they did when face Weather dopant. Well “Double” word has taken as the rider name so they change it to “Twin” based on their kicking style which almost similiar on episode 28.

See also the kawaii and moe rider girls.


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