Kamen Rider W 29-30

As I remember, last series I saw the heroine tried to henshin is kamen rider Faiz (555) although failed. It looks like henshin devices can’t be used at random person but in some conditions, it could. In pursue of Nightmare dopant, Akiko manages to henshin to W and uses all memories rightly.

Nightmare dopant is a special dopant who can enter dream world and control all elements on it. Accel successfully becomes his victim too. So Shotaro and Phillip have to take a nap in W (CycloneJoker) form and dreaming (as Isaka say, rare to see a kamen rider who taking a nap, even I think Momotaros have done it before). The real fight comes in real wolrd when the dopant’s true identity revealed. LunaMetal’s memory break attack Metal Illusion performed to end the case.

Before it, Isaka does a unappreciated act with attacking the sleeping W, which result to great wound for Phillip. Extreme memory has its first appearance in Phillip’s rescue. Some of you have known that Extreme memory can absorb both mind and body of Phillip into it. A complicated problem occured when Phillip meets Shroud inside memory talking about how dangerous and weak Shotaro is so leave him will be the best choice. In episode 31 Shroud’s words become true and Phillip has no choice except change his partner (with Terui?). But all of it will be solved with CycloneJoker Extreme in episode 32 \^_^/

For you who prefer Accel Trial, it’ll out in episode 36.


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