B Gata H Kei First Impression

Adapted from original manga with same title, B Gata H Kei (B型H系, B blood H style) offers fresh comedy around pervert high school girl in her harem pursue. Directed by Yusuke Yamamoto and character design done by Yuuko Yahiro, the series began airing on April 1st. I have just taken one episode to see if it worth to watch and the result is good.

Our heroine is Yamada (Yukari Tamura), a popular girl in her school who has a goal to lose her virginity for a virgin untrained plain boy and after that have 100 different men as her bed partner ^^; What a rare girl. She has a little sister Chika (Asami Shimoda) and best friend Miharu Takeshita (Yui Horie).

She is good-looking so it should be no problem for her. But in unknown reason she is embarrassed by her status as virgin.

Fortunately in fateful encounter she meets Takashi Kosuda (Atsushi Abe) who is close to her requirement as the first harem boy. So her journey to seduce him is starting now.

Breast exposing as first try in threating seducing.

Takashi has an older sister Kazuki Kosuda (Mamiko Noto). Teasing him (with her huge cup size) is her hobby. She loves her brother and “allows” Yamada to guide her brother.

What funny is Yamada has an erogami (God of ecchi/ero) who shown as chibi Yamada and acts as narrator. She is floating above pink cloud and always gives comment to Yamada’s work.

Takashi is very plain so he can’t decide whether Yamada is losing control or making fun of him. But I think he should deem it as bless. Photography is one of his hobbies. In ending there are some photographes of Yamada done by him. Yamada forbids anyone to take photo of her before because she smells some bad sexual desires toward her.

Both opening theme “Oshiete A to Z (おしえて A to Z)” and ending theme “Hadashi no Princess (裸足のプリンセス)” are song by Yukari Tamura. The opening is quite listenable while the ending is quite good.


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