Kamen Rider W 31-32

Finally CycloneJoker Extreme appears!

This happens when an old friend rather customer of Narumi-san does pay a visit to Narumi’s agency. He’s Bitou who have released from jail after covering crime of his brother Samu (Beast dopant) and beloved girl Bell for ten years (what hard boiled guy o_o). Narumi-san ten years ago promised to him to show him the truth with a note and gaiamemory. In the fact it’s Zone gaiamemory belongs to Bell. Shoutaro in frustrating situation for unable to henshin because he’s too weak compared to Phillip, finds that gaiamemory before Weather (who always show up randomly each episode) but almost failed to solve the case if only Phillip didn’t trust him for become partner of W again. Does not want to waste it, Shoutaro does his best until Mother of Earth and Tori gaiamemory approve them to be Extreme. And you know the rest ^^

How it works? First become CycloneJoker form and Tori gaiamemory will absorb Cyclone memory, Joker memory and Phillip’s unconscious body. Tori automaticly plugs itself to W driver and triggered. Now between W’s Cyclone and Joker half body should appear new color (shiny colorblink silver). The Prismbreaker (or Prismbricker in TL) sword has two maximum drive modes. The first comes from Prism memory or Prism maximum drive which is stronger than Accel’s Engine maximum drive. The second is combination of Joker, Cyclone, Heat and Luna maximum drive which is really powerful as Extreme’s memory break. After undo the henshin both Shoutaro and Phillip are extracted from W. It should be the easiest way in calling left over Phillip to the place.

Narumi-san (Kusakabe Soichi) also sings his song “Nobody’s Perfect” for episode 32’s theme song. And oh, Accel’s char song “Leave All Behind” also available now.


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