Kamen Rider Eternal

This DX Lost Driver is same with what kamen rider Skull has in Begin’s Night movie. Along with it picture of a new gaiamemory and silhouette of 3rd rider of W series. That memory is Eternal memory with unknown power and no more information about it. As seen above kamen rider Eternal shares same design as kamen rider Glaive (and G3 as rumour said). Looks like Eternal will appear in next movie of W.

This role will be played by Mitsuru Matsuoka (SOPHIA) as Daido Katsumi, leader of terrorist group NEVER. Hmm his face is quite serious. You can see his group members as Luna dopant, Izumi Kyosui (Sudo Genki) and Heat dopant, Habara Reika (Yashiro Minase) in source link below. Seriously, Heat is “heat” ^o^

Source: JEFusion (1,2), Other.


6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Eternal

  1. I just took a look at the preview and saw the helmet for Eternal. what it looks like to me is a TRADITIONAL style rider helmet in all gray with a gray headpiece reminiscent of the Hyaku Shiki from zeta

    • I agree. Not only the helmet but the body suit too, although they covered it with black long mantel. The design seems plain but I like it. As rumour said the face looks like G3 or G3X. I wonder if it would take Extreme form to defeat him though he isnt looked powerful ^^

      • well considering the fact that his body is essentially covered in Maximum Slots then he is probably more powerful than he seems. More than likely I expect that aspect of Eternal to reveal some sort of crazy as hell transformation.

      • Originally the body is nothing than white plain curved. But the vest and weapon (knife) makes it cool, looks like a police or special agent. As the wickest, he must be crazy ^^ some pics show that W needs multiple forms+FangJoker to fight him.

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