Kamen Rider W Movie Forever Trailer

Impressive trailer showing us a glance how worth the movie is. The story will go around a dangerous group of Gaia memory “terrorist” and chaos of Fuuto city. W and Accel have to work hard this time. Leader of the group is promised by the trailer to be the most wicked rider.

There are 26 next generation Gaia memory called T2 which offer more power than average dopant. Seen above Eternal memory, Metal memory, Trigger memory and Luna memory. Note that W will fight dopants of his own Gaia memories but still can use those Gaia memories because they’re different. As example when HeatMetal vs Heat dopant, there are exactly two Heat, one is W’s and other is T2.

But weak Masquerade dopant still be used to join riding action. How weird to see Accel riding normal bike Actually that red one is Heat dopant ^^;

Here is kamen rider Eternal, the leader.

Museum is also involved. But wait, Kirihiko already died and Isaka will be too (at least soon after ep 36 by Accel Trial’s Machine Gun Spike Maximum Drive). What are they doing? Also there is appearance of Red Nazca dopant! But they may come from T2 Gaia memories.

JokerJoker form by Lost Driver. First seen in Decade & Double Movie 2010. Looks like Hidari will have time to fight alone. After all, it will be a great movie.

New short trailer:

Courtsey: JEFusion.

Ah according to wikipedia, tomorrow (05/25) is birthday of Sonozaki Saeko (Namai Ami) ^^


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