Kamen Rider W 33-34

Something came in my mind after had watched episode 33, had Phillip’s mind really been reseted after henshined to FangJoker? I wonder why he gave deal to saved Saeko from Maximum Drive but nah, it’s same useless as asking from where Kabuto pulls out his Kunai in cast offed form ^^

Our main trouble came from Yesterday dopant who can manipulate act of someone to do it exactly as 24 hours ago. Shotaro is used by this dopant to attack unarmed Saeko in next day. Yesterday dopant is roled by Hirata Kaoru as Kirihiko’s little sis Sudou Yukie. Some of you known her as Yamazaki Yuka in Magiranger. She does all of it to revenge the death of her beloved brother but in the end she fails and gets amnesia. After all, nothing interesting.

Awesome Accel Trial next ^^


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