Kamen Rider OOO, Ōzu!

source: wikipedia

Update Info!

As Kamen Rider W will end in August, so we’ll meet the next rider in September and he’ll be called Kamen Rider OOO, Ōzu! The name of OOO refers to three (triple) forms and his henshin items which is Medals (round as “O”). Likes Kamen Rider W with set of Gaia memories, Kamen Rider Ōzu is equiped by set of Medals called Medal Familia.

  • Height: 194 cm
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Punch strength: 4.5 ton
  • Kick strength: 12 ton
  • Speed: 100 m in 4.5s
  • Jump length: 190 m
  • Weapon: Tiger Claw
  • Extended Weapon: Medajalibur
  • Rider Kick: TaToBa Kick
  • Bike: Ride Vender
  • Organization: Kogami Foundation (foe/ally?)
  • Villain: Greeds

The default form (above pic) called Tri-Form (TaToBa), parted in Head (red), Torso+arms (yellow) and Legs (green). Each of them represent other forms. The red Head is Sky Form (sharp), the yellow torso+arms is Field Form (power & defense) and the legs is Insect Form (speed & agility). So you can say Tri Form is combination (but may be “permutation”) of other forms. To build a form, he must insert three Medals into his belt (below) for head, torso+arms and legs. Who is “he”? he is the main protagonist, Hino Eiji.

As usual the belt has signal display. It has three slots for Medal. Looks like you must spin it in order to active. Both of sides are Medal (O) Holder and Medal (O) Scanner.

Update (head, torso and legs medal sets)

Head Medallion: Taka (Hawk), Kuwagata (Stag) & Shishi/Koraion (Lion)

Torso Medallion: Washi (Eagle), Kamakiri (Mantis) & Tora (Tiger)

Legs Medallion: Karas (Crow), Batta (Hopper) & Chita (Cheetah)

The forms are named with three prefix of the medals. Example for all red, it’ll be called TaWaKa form, all green will be called KuKaBa and ShiToChi means all yellow colored form. Above pic of main form is called TaToBa form. (Update about naming rule!)

Also there are special Medals Hawk, Lion and Kuwagata/Stag which can grow big and fight like Kamen Rider Hibiki has (disc animal).

The weapon will be a sword called Medalia Sword or Medajalibur. To perform finishing move it requires Black Finisher Medal.

The villain called Greeds is old creature who awaken after 800 years slumber and going to hunt human desire to make a medal contains new ability. Reminds us to Kuuga and Den-O story. Greeds can create another creature, Yummy. First, there are five Greeds awaken. One of the Greeds, Ankh, gives Eiji ability to transform.

source: JEFusion

About the motorbike, you will be reminded to Faiz’s Auto-Vajin. It’s called Ride-Vender, a machine that can hide itself as a vending machine ^^;; Likes Auto-Vajin which need be pressed to active, this one require Cell Medal inserted into. Also be able to transform into Can-Droids. This equipment along with the sord are given by Kogami Foundation led by Kogami Kousei (for free) to support OOO.

fan art (TaWaKA, KuKaBa & ShiToChi)

Below last pic shows the cast. The one with strange arm is Ankh (Miura Ryousuke) and on his left side (colorful shirt lol) is Eiji (Watanabe Shu). Ankh is possessing a dying police officer, Izumi. Izumi’s little sister, Hina (Takada Riho), will be the heroine. Eiji, Ankh and Hina will have close relation and be working together at a restaurant (triangle-friendship as usual).

source: JEFusion

This rider had also been called kamen rider Regulus and kamen rider Link.

Some parts may be true, may be not. Just prepare for futher update :)

Source: JEFusion, Henshin Grid.


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    • After rider bikes which can be a droid now what? Vending Machine! providing drinks in every journey lol. Black RX, Faiz, Kabuto and W also bring a great jump in rider bike evolution ^^
      All pics credit belong to source noticed at bottom ^^

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