Favourite W Forms Taikutsu Ver.

After reached 100 votes (actually it’s 102), Taikutsu‘s Fav W Forms voting now is closed. The vote included nine of Kamen Rider W (Shotaro) basic forms which are combinations of Cyclone, Heat, Luna, Joker, Metal and Trigger Gaia memories. The result:

  1. CycloneJoker (28%) – Maximum Drive: Joker Extreme.
  2. LunaTrigger (20%) – Maximum Drive: Trigger Full Burst.
  3. HeatTrigger (12%) – Maximum Drive: Trigger Explosion.
  4. HeatMetal (10%) – Maximum Drive: Metal Branding.
  5. HeatJoker (8%) – Maximum Drive: Joker Grenade.
  6. CycloneMetal(7%) – Maximum Drive: Metal Twister.
  7. CycloneTrigger(7%) – Maximum Drive: Trigger Shooting.
  8. LunaMetal (5%) – Maximum Drive: Metal Illusion.
  9. LunaJoker (4%) – Maximum Drive: unknown.

Looks like the unknown of memory break and the weird of stretched arm are the cause of LunaJoker’s low vote. It’s normal for default form to becomes first since it always can be upgraded to the final form (Xtreme Form). Heat memory which provides great damage brings all forms of it in top 5, defeating Cyclone with its speed term. HeatTrigger showed its good in debut by did hurt Nazca (and W) badly by just common shoots.

Another kamen rider pool will come soon ^^.


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