Kamen Rider W 35-36

Accel’s new Gaia memory Trial made good debut and gived Isaka hundreds kicks in face. Within less than 10 seconds, Accel Trial’s memory break shows power of speed can be deadly without improved momentum or particular energy. In other side Saeko has started rebellion againt the father Ryuubei with help promised by Isaka before but failed. Isaka’s aim was to gain Terror memory since joined the Museum. Now Saeko is treated as traitor by Museum. In future (ep 39) she will appear as Red Nazca!

Back to Trial, The less armor suit lets Terui to move lighty and fast. Although there is drop in power term but Shroud said that do more hits will make it. To perform memory break, Maximum Drive must be reached less than 10 seconds or the henshin will be forced to done. In his debut Terui managed 9.8 seconds in rapid kicking thanks to his will on protecting someone, not through hatred as Shroud will.

Never random appearance of Isaka again XD


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