Kamen Rider Ōzu Basic Forms

TOEI have announced ten basic forms of kamen rider Ōzu. Looks like the form-naming won’t be easy because, there is no consistent in rule. From my source, the Lion medal isn’t called Shishi but a word with “RA” on it. I think it’ll be Koraion even I still prefer “Shishi” word. The medals used are all head medals (Taka, Kuwagata and “Lion”), yellow plus green body medals (Tora and Kamakiri) and yellow plus green legs medals (Chita and Batta). They are called:

  • TaToBa (TakaToraBatta), as I expected
  • TakaKiriBa (TakaKamakiriBatta), I thought it’s TaKaBa
  • TakaToraAtah (TakaToraChitah), I tought it’s TaToChi
  • TakaKiriItah(TakaKamakiriChitah), I tought it’s TaKaChi
  • GataKiriItah (KuwagataKamakiriChitah), I tought it’s KuKaChi
  • GataToraTah (KuwagataToraChitah), I tought it’s KuToChi
  • GataToraBa (KuwagataToraBatta), I tought it’s KuToBa
  • RaToraBatta (LionToraBatta), I tought it’s ShiToBa
  • RaKiriBa (LionKamakiriBatta), I tought it’s ShiKaBa
  • RaKiriItah (LionKamakiriChitah), I think it’s ShiKaChi

Fiuh~ with all of those coloring lol

There are 4 yellow and Green body-legs combinations. As 3 head medals used, it should be 12 forms (4 x 3) but all green and all yellow form don’t included which means minus 2 to 10 (12 -2). I know there is something odd. “Ka” appear twice as Karas and Kamakiri so, they use “Kiri” for Kamakiri. Also sometimes they use “Ta” with “Taka“, “To” with “Tora” and “Ba” with “Batta“, which I said no consistent. If all of those names are true, the difference with my previous data are

  1. “Lion” wont be called Shishi
  2. “Tah” will be used for Chita instead “Chi”
  3. The naming rule is different, which this one is harder >.<

There is rumour about Gorilla medal for body part. Just wait for futher info, I’m really confused now @_@



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