Kamen Rider W 39-40

Wakana-hime is still showing her madness as new leader of Museum which already planned by the father. With “help” from Gene dopant, she successfully combines memory of Clay Doll with Earth stone, an item that used in Xtreme memory too. From here Wakana can enter Planet Bookshelf as Phillip usually does. So in result, here is Clay Doll Xtreme :3

Let’s look to the design. Auw, scary and no cute in any look :) Past Clay Doll looked like a short chubby little girl with cold face, no wonder Saeko addresses it as “toy” memory even knows its insane ability. Now that little girl becomes an adult, dark and powerful of course. Until now no idea how to beat her.

Mentioning Saeko she also receives new power as level 3 Nazca dopant. Turned to red color with preposterously upgrade in speed and strength. Looks like she will replace Isaka’s place as “strong dopant who always comes randomly in every episode to just make the rider pissed and disturbs battle” ;D

We’ll see more of this scene ^^


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