Highschool Of The Dead First Impression

Highschool Of The Dead is anime adaptation based on manga with same title (also called Gakuen Mokushiroku) telling about a group of highschool students in middle of zombie/undead apocalypse. And looks like Madhouse does good work here.

Awesome. For you who have already read the manga (I have read 2 volumes half year ago) should know how intense its ecchiness :3 Pantsu, torned clothes and breasts scenes, they come along with fresh meat and blood. But sorry for guro lovers as HOTD makes it minimal (in my scale) and sorry too for DFC lovers due the cup sizes of the girls. Fortune for me I love both zombie and jiggling boobs xD

Don’t worry pedobear, they will show a cute loli next time (Alice). Twintails also featured ;3

Awesome. All zombies either boy or girl are drawn well. Dried skin, hungry sound, (some) ahoge looks and of course bloody. I wonder if they included special infected too. As usual, you need to break their heads to takedown this kind zombies. They also have the good parts like breasts and legs to eat first. Yummy~

Awesome. How the panic occured when they noticed incoming dead threat in first outbreak. Some kicking girl’s ass, pushing who stymying and trampling every fallen body.

Awesome. I see that pantsu Black Hawks of Self-Defense Force appearance part are awesome ;p

Awesome. In the end, I kinda feel jealous to Komuro Takashi (main char) who is trapped in zombie ambush with those girls. But still no one normal person prefer losing friends and family, except in fiction world! xD If only there is a machine to move you into 2D… and then… Nah. Hah, Fiction is fiction LoL~

One, two, three… five awesome words. It’s masterpiece of the year! ^o^


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