Kamen Rider W 41-42

Detective themed show is not only about guessing how is the person behind the crime (dopant) but also trying to lead you to the wrong suspect. And that’s what happened in this story arc.

Summary, Makoto Uesugi loves his friend Jojima Rui. Rui loves their friend Satoru. Uesugi becomes Jewel dopant and changes Satoru to a diamond. Uesugi continues his fetish in changing women into diamonds. Rui is forced by him to cover his crime in replace safety of (diamond) Satoru. Shotaro and Phillip find the truth. Terui saves Rui. And bam! next episode preview. -sorry I’m too lazy to make this readable or understandable lol- Beside “double kick”, a series of kamen rider episodes also has a moment when the villain is outstanding to even the final form rider. All CycloneJoker Xtreme’s memory breaks such as Bicker Charge Break, Double Xtreme and Bicker Final Illusion can’t hurt Jewel dopant. But don’t worry, ofc a common dopant must be finished before 25th minute of even-numbered episode. In the last, a wthwtswse trick is applied to finish this arc. How to break a diamond (without asking diamond seller)? stab its navel :)

Saeko is fighting Rui in women’s bathroom :3 and the worst part comes when Terui does henshin in there xD


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