Highschool Of The Dead 02

Second episode of HOTD has confronted three couples of them in rampaging flesh corpes. They are 3rd year Busujima Saeko, odhbasb school-nurse Marikawa Shizuka, and four 2nd year students as gun otaku Hirano Kouta, megane twintails Takagi Saya, odhbasbt ponytail Miyamoto Rei and our main hero Komuro Takashi. Later a loli Maresato Alice will join the group, dont worry :3

-Protecting a man’s pride is exactly what a real woman’s task is about-

Miyamoto-Komuro couple succesfully escapes from rooftop to avoids being trapped in night. In other place Marikawa ruinning the horror mood by jiggling breasts sound effect is saved by Busujima after Ishi Kazu sacrifices himself when small break occured.

Hirano-Takagi couple starts moving when Hirano’s assembled his nail-gun to be a useful weapon. With his knowledge as gun-otaku, including him in group is worth. Furthermore he is kindly following unarmed Takagi even she scold him oftenly. Humanism to survive or maegane fetish? humanly both. Both then meet another couples after Takagi screams when Hirano loses control in protecting. Together they go to the teachers office room.

Annoying big breasts =_=;


2 thoughts on “Highschool Of The Dead 02

  1. Hey do you know if there going to make a season 2 of H.O.T.D.
    If so when is it coming out and do you know if Shido Koichi is going to be in it.

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