Random Arts

credit: NyanType

Since I’ve been bored, so I decided to take some time surfing on image board. You know, just looking at those awesome arts above there can revive your day. To make sure what I would see won’t hurt my eyes, I use “NyanType” tag for safety. And the result is good, 200 images exactly appear. I’ve seen some of them before, especially for series that I watched. They’re dominated by Shin Koihime Musou, Sora no Otoshimono and Seiko no Qwaser. From those titles, you should have a simple glimpse in your imaginary about the arts xD~

A glimpse for you (who don’t know), NyanType is popular monthly magazine from Kadokawa Shoten which will pleasure you moeness desire and fill up your room’s wall. Along with this there are also ASCII Media Works‘s Dengeki Hime and Dengeki Moeoh, and Gakken‘s Megami Magazine and Megami Magazine Deluxe.  Unfortunately for non-JP fans, shipping-cost and harmful content issue may be keeping away your hand from this items.

For Amure-kun, I always remember you ^^ so I listed some names that may be the illustrators of those NyanType-tagged images. I seacrhed them but doesn’t result good. None one of them has listed by you. May useful for your work ;3

  • Kurashima Tomoyasu
  • Akai Toshifumi
  • Hisayuki Hirokazu
  • Morita Kazuaki
  • Miyazawa Tsutomu
  • Shinohara Kenji
  • Okuda Yasuhiro
  • Utsumi Hiroko
  • Nakata Masahiko

3 thoughts on “Random Arts

  1. Say wut. WUT. WUUUUUUUUHT?! You went streaming on an imageboard? Yeah? Well join the club, taijou-kun. *high 5* so proud of you lol ε(・ω・)σ I love to take the time to stream imageboards but man… Takes a tough toll on my hard drive. It does relax me though. I feel so at ease unless I see something quite of the nether.

    I’ve seen NyanType ^^ they have some nice illustrations, downloaded some pools from them before. I have to say though, I probably stream Dengeki Moeoh and Etsu scans the most. I loooooove Etsu scans *.* mainly because some of their illustrators are just win. I sometimes stream Megami though because some good artists have showcased some great stuff.

    Oh if only I could get my hands on a magazine or artbook *cries* It’s mah destiny D: I’ll move to Japan someday… well actually I want to stay in California too~ it’s so beautiful here. I want to have houses in both places!!! D<

    *check check check* Hey thanks ^^ this will work well for what I'll be doing pretty soon. Probably really soon. Anyway, I'll go look into them for you, Taijou-kun :3 In time, as soon as I move everything off my old computer and into my new one. LOOOVE this <3

    *puts a flag up* ~PWN COMMENT~

    • *high 5* LoL wall of text even in your comment. From those choices, I prefer Nyantype and Megami. They meet my taste. Oh ya it’s not a new habit. I, everyday visit the board (or at least 3 times a week) and save around 5-15 pics. My old HDD (which already die ;_;) is contained over 15,000 pics and I have about 1,000 pics in current HDD (in one month) :3

      In USA it will be hard to get hand on them. You can read featured link above. Some poor ppl who can’t enjoy this bless made move by banning the distribution. There is no problem in my country (except a little social mark to you for reading ecchi in public place) except they’re quite expensive.

      ^^ you can use cloning method rather simply files copy to make it faster.

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