Highschool Of The Dead 03

Late? Well currently I’m playing Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo ^^; Very funny.

The survivors is now going to make their way to the city by a bus and make sure the status of their family. After learning that the Undeads only react to sounds, they try to walk silently to the bus. However, a stupid random student makes it wrong so no any choice except rush to the bus rather surrounded by entire school’s zombies.

This is Shido Koichi, a teacher who want to join Takashi team with his own royal (student) followers. Rather begging for help considering himself as weak too, he straightly says that he should be the leader of the group and leading they all in the new world. In my view, he looks like a pervert who want to obtain everything freely, praised everytime and do harem with everyone (but girls of his follower). The worst sample of societal collapse >_>

Being irritated, Rei runs off from the group before catched by Takashi. A full of infected bus crashes separating them from group’s bus. Show ends with Takashi and Rei riding a motorbike (after steal it from a zombie) toward city to meet the group at the east police station.

The most heroic of all, cashier. No matter how great the world collapsing, stay cool, listen to music and just keep dazing. Everything will be fine~ About music, this episode has great ED theme, Return to Destiny.

Oh man I can’t watch next episode. My Rei will be insulted >o<


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