Welcome Social-Networking Eroge

Official: Moon-Stone

After read Amure-kun latest post about blogging trend in Japan, I think this one is (of course) related too :D Do you think that microblogging and “real blogging” are enough for Japanese? you must be kidding, not yet! Using them will need separated time from your usual activities, as playing eroge ^^; So now how can we spare time in following this trend? Moon-Stone answers it with a new, big revolution in eroge gaming as their product, Angel Ring with twitter functions patch on it *claps*

There are many features on it such as ability to tweet about the current scene, playback the voice from the particular scene that somebody tweeted about and play the particular scene that somebody tweeted about. Of course main features like replying and common tweeting are included. Futhermore, there will also feature to tweet about a particular picture you like. Yeah picture….. oh, HCG? so we’ll be sharing our fav HCG via tweet(s)? Gimme your opinion :)

I steal above pic from Moon-Stone site since I don’t have any lol~

In other place, Isshoni Training with Hinako has appeared on HVGA and WVGA Android device as training-guider app. It will help you in exercising and calculate your calories burned with graph of your progress.

[source1] [source2]


6 thoughts on “Welcome Social-Networking Eroge

  1. That’s interesting actually. If they keep doing this kind of thing I imagine of the places that Ero can go. I really like Moonstone and what they came out with. Angel Ring is pretty nice for a change. Haha, you might be seeing me tweet about that if I get around to playing it more~ :)

    Sharing HCG via twitter would be really cool, actually. Most services like twitpic don’t really care what you host, naked, whatever, as long as it’s not extreme~ so I can understand sharing something like HCG XD It’s a pretty cool idea!~

    BTW you said “playback the voice from the particular scene that somebody tweeted about and play the particular scene that somebody tweeted about” that’s repetitive, lol

    • Then my twitter will be spammed by your HCG pics? Nooooo! D: Yeah now you can be proud on what you get after playing eroge. “Ne ne, I have own this HCG :3” “Ouw danm! I want it so much! tell me the route!” “No way >:p” etc lol

      About pic tweet looks like they will host it on Moon-Stone server. So not related with twitpic.

      My source wrote like that too. Looks like when you see someone tweet about their current scene, it may be only voice tweet or pic tweet. You should try it :D

      • I would probably not share my HCG pics though for personal preference XD I will however tweet about the regular CGs leading up to it though. That would be simply awesome. ;)

        Oh, is that so? That’s pretty cool then! Very very interesting.

        I’m probably a little selfish when it comes to sharing my personal intimate scenes, but nevertheless, I still like it. Hehe~

  2. @lonelyamure
    You right. It feels odd. Anyway it’s not selfish. No, just let the willing one to see them. And I think I will see your eroge tweet before jumping to it too ^^

    You can read the detail at my source or at source of my source ;D

  3. well apparently not all VN engines kinda support plug-ins to the system looks like moon-stone was lucky enough with the retouch engine <_<
    and theres a thing with japan and hobbying then need something where in they wont be hardcore to

    • Based on my little searching, there’s only Moon-stone for now. They have been working for futher upgrade(s) on this feature. I think another company hold their move to see if this will be success or not, cause this feature has been receiving many postive and negative reactions over net.

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