Random Fan


My old PC made problem again. Suddenly the fan of graphic card dislodged from the place and hit my sound card. The fan in problem was “wild”, vibrating and noisy when in duty. To resolve that I called help from one special screw and thin tape. But they couldn’t hold it more so, time to add more tape!!! >o< *bandages bandages* Fortunately nothing got injured. LMAO ^^;

My only one spamming place Sakurahana had been down for almost two days, resulting me strayed into random chatbox. Thanks it’s well now. And I think I got a funny spam comment saying “did you vote for obama? be honest”. Lol wut? what’s wrong with nowadays spammers?

Posts of ANN follow Kämpfer gets next project, Koisento will receive its OVA and manga Kochikame (Kochira Katsushika-ku Kamearikouen-mae Hashutsujo) will get film adaptation. Amure changed his avatar.


2 thoughts on “Random Fan

  1. Your neko, looks like I’ve seen it somewhere but where? O.O Too much image entries in my brain DB lol~

    This oldie has recovered. Thanks to the tape and screwdriver. It doesn’t sound “ngrenggg” again but “nguuungh” xD

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