Kamen Rider W 43-44

Rather that centered 320px review style, I’m trying go back to old one with 250px zigzag style. Funny yet important, that’s how to say about this arc. Fun to see a grandpa working hard to henshin (even the Joker memory’s sound effect stagnanted). Who the heck this lucky grandpa? No one else Joker memory holder Hidari Shotaro. Because lackness of his mental due to Old dopant’s wave attack, he turned 50 years older. Yeah, this dopant can make your body older with current mind, voice and mental state. That’s why I got surprised when an old grandma in 10 years loli cry running to office. Hidari in this age (around 70-80 I think) had problem even to just become W FangJoker so it’s all up to Terui now. In other place, Terui met Shroud revealing the truth.

Important. As I spoiled before, Shroud is Phillip’s true mother. The reason why she hides her face is injury caused by his husband Terror’s wave attack in the past. Shroud doesn’t agree to use Phillip as a tool (Earth Child). So after left Musuem and pick “Shroud” alias rather her true name Sonozaki Fumine, she planned a revenge. One of her efforts beside made W and Accel driver is giving Isaka the Weather memory so the Terror could be defeated. But Isaka did serious rampage to Terui’s family so Shroud changed her plan to making use of Terui’s hatred. First she gave Accel equipment later Trial memory so Terui can stop the useless Weather. And in this act she said she want Terui to replace Hidari’s place as W and become CycloneAccel Xtreme, a rumoured form over net and said to be a hoax, in order to endure Terror’s wave attack. It’s true that Terui can do that with his body but he refused it and said they can beat Terror in current formation. After defeat Old dopant with Maximum Drive combination of Engine and Trial, Terui forgived Shroud for Weather’s rampage as she hadn’t planned it. With these Terui’s words, Shroud starting to believe them and let W-Accel to end this all.

In other words, we’re watching kamen riders in the middle of Sonozaki’s house hold dispute.


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