Random Sick

My stomach is hurt. My throat is hurt. *checks calendar* My head is starting to hurt. Plus I have cold. What the heck, why you all strike in once?! =O oh, since I cleaned my room three days ago there was possibility I swallowed dust but I think it’s not related. If I live in Japan now I’ll regret this sick all time ^^;

Comiket 78, yeah~

Some sites reported cosplayers ready making their pose and otaku army have been struggling overnight for glory. Nearest “life” stations (Sunkus and famous Family Mart) were reloaded to serve with tons of CalorieMate, cellphone battery and 500 Yen Fate-chan nendoroid plus (Hey I want that one =O). On this year over heat summer, this war will be tough.

Picture book You are Umasou and manga Freezing will get TV anime.


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