Random Come

It was not sick which held me from posting but work, besiding errors of WP on uploading picture and putting tags. I couldn’t watch any of this week aired series and so this goes on. In future I will have extra duty on campus so hang on my own PC, you’ll get a long holiday. And I don’t know what have to do with my otaku life…

I’ve checked what I missed in whole week and fortunately some interesting stuff. Medical drama Iryu will have 3rd TV season in October. Iryu is really cool and awesome. It doesn’t need complex story, just random sick -no, beside my random creepy sick- and here you go blood. Meh sound too maniac ne? o.O

Hatsune Miku gets her first manga in weekly Young Jump September 2 2010. Koe de Oshigoto! (Voice Working!) OVA will released on November 17 and next year March 16. I know if it will be ecchi and funny (what else I should watch).

Happy birthday to: Kamen Rider’s Takeshi Hongo (15), Konami’s Rinko Kobayakawa (17) and K-ON!!’s Ritsu Tainaka (21).


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