Kamen Rider W 45-46

Nearing end, one by one mystery of W story are revealed from Shroud until Sonozaki family. Current Phillip is a clone of human Raito who fallen to Earth “data center” through a well. In this ark Ryuubei would create Gaia Impact with Phillip and Wakana (ClayDoll X). Ryuubei taked down Shotaro along with defeat of Saeko (Nazca) by Wakana. Accel is crushed by Terror too. Now you think nobody could stop them, before Shroud said her trump card within W henshin system. I had been thinking Smilodon would be defeated by Terui in Trial form. We know that both of them adopt fast battle so W seems out of job here. But Phillp did it with just CycloneMetal form. Swing the staff correctly and here you get tamed british hair cat, openly ready to be executed by Memory Break. ButAccel didn’t lose his face because in episode 46 Accel showed his true power. Riding HardTurbuler become AccelTurbuler, he defeated Terror’s dragon. It means Accel can use another W’s unit as Boilder and Splasher respectively. Unfortunately during that fight, Gunner A … ;_;

In past before defeated by Accel Trial, Isaka had mentioned that with Quetzalcoatlus memory he could defeat Terror dopant. It showed Weather would receive Quetzalcoatlus’s wing and ability to fly. It makes senses when we see Terror’s ground liquid wave attack. So what we need now is fly avoiding it and only need to deal with that Terror’s head flying dragon. Main rider always defeat the Great Leader. “W has trump card for it, with flying with CJGX form” that was I thought. In fact CycloneJoker Xtreme have done it with some punch and Double Xtreme, throwing Ryuubei-san to the mansion to exploded with his dragon pet. Now all Sonozaki dopants except survived Wakana are destroyed. Crush the evil!

Next, Kamen Rider Joker.


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