Kamen Rider W 49 Final

Time to say goodbye, for the most awesome Kamen Rider show in history for me. A year after Phillip vanished, new threat to Fuuto city comes to Shotaro’s attention. It’s a group of teens called EXE with a pet shop worker as the leader as Energy dopant, calling itself as Museum’s successor. “EXE” name is good but don’t think it as a serious threat. Once again their leader is a pet shop worker so it’ll be comedy.

Now is Kamen Rider Joker’s first debut in TV. Shotaro fights EXE in order to rescue Aoyama Akira’s neesan who is holding Ocean Gaia Memory. Of course, one of them will turn into dopant to fight back. They are Anomalocaris dopant, defeated by Kamen Rider Joker’s Rider Punch and Cockroach dopant, defeated by Kamen Rider Joker’s Rider Kick. Near end of show, Phillip comes back! Saving Shotaro from Energy dopant, his body pops out from Xtreme memory. What’s going on? A year ago, the only Sonozaki left Wakana found that Phillip had vanished. She decided to gave her body for Phillip so he could continue protecting the city. Fortunately Phillip didn’t recieve female body. In the end, Shotaro and Phillip henshin once again into Kamen Rider W CycloneJoker, defeating the ignored by joy Energy dopant.

Kamen Rider W is really back to concept again. I mean, you can find out this series similiar to our legend original showa rider, Kamen Rider (1-2). Some facts that will make you believe,

  1. Both series feature two Kamen Riders.
  2. The second rider (Nigo-Accel) will fight the main rider during their first meet.
  3. Design. W’s main form Cyclone Joker is green-black, as Ichigo & Nigo be too. They also have scarve.
  4. Minion enemy. Shocker foot soldier and Masquerade dopant.
  5. Fighting an evil organization.
  6. Phillip’s main memory is Cyclone. Ichigo’s bike is called Cyclone.
  7. The most important, main rider (W-Ichigo) is involved in the death of heroine’s father. That was happened when both rider born. So the rider power costs a life.

I personally really like W and Accel. They’re unique and awesome. I still have A to Z Gaia Memories of Fate movie and next movie taisen to see them again. As I said, the greatest rider series ever! MOST AWESOME EVER!

Hino Eiji, please tell me that’s wrong and make me repeat same scream next year ;D

Next, a series that will teach you name of animal in Nihongo, Kamen Rider Ōzu.


3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider W 49 Final

  1. I seriously did not see the comparisons of Double to the first Kamen Rider except for two Riders and that scarf. Wow, I now have a better appreciation of Double after the run. Definitely the best written Heisei KR show so far.

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