Kamen Rider OOO First Impression

Next show has started, Kamen Rider OOO. I’ve already watched two earlier episodes and fortunately it gave me excellent trace. Same to my previous impression of W, awesome! When Eiji meets Ankh I know it’ll nice show with fresh comedy. The opening theme, plot, place, design, character, I like all of it. Now let’s see what this show provides to us.

First of all is our hero, Hino Eiji. A funny person who seems lazy but,  have a great desire to save a single life. On 1st ep he says that he’s gone to many places. On 2nd ep we have a flashback of him trying to save a non-JP girl. Now we can say that he’s a kind of traveler (as Godai Yuusuke, Kamen Rider Kuuga). I can say that he’s unique for no afraid in talking to a flying right arm. Eiji is asked by a greeed to use the seal and Core medals becoming OOO.

Our trouble source, Greeed (I think TOEI prefered “greeed” than “greed” to make a difference between these words). They’re 8 centuries old creatures made from Core and Cell medals. There’re five, Anku or Ankh (birds), Uva (insects), Kazari (felinae), Gameru (heavy animals) and Mezūru (aquatic). Anku who incomplete stole their Core medals. Now in their resurrection, four of them try to find Anku and get the Core medals back. Unfortunately Anku also owns the seal OOO Driver which transform Eiji to OOO. Anku uses body of a detective Izumi Shingo. Greeed can create a Yummy from human’s desire and a Cell medal. Oh, Mezūru’s seiyuu is Yukana (C.C.) ^-^

Yummy of 2nd ep from Uva, full CG and cool too I think.

Talking about girl, our heroine is so cute and sweet. Izumi Hina, Shingo’s little sister.

She has super strength. Don’t you think that heroines of kamen rider after Den-O series becoming scary? o.O She’s working in a restaurant now. I have a guess that she’ll be working to feed those two unemployed (Eiji and Anku, her step brother) except they will work too.

The organization, Kougami Foundation has been researching Greeed and Medals. The leader is Kougami Kousei with Satonaka Erika as his secretary. Kougami F created many device based on Cell medal’s power like Candroids and Ride Vendor. Ride Vendor is their soldier’s (also OOO’s) motorbike, containing two type of Candroids Taka can and Tako can. I was surprised Tako candroids are very useful. Kousei orders a soldier, Goto Shintaro to help Eiji. I think he can be the second rider in future. Kougami F looks like Museum to me. Is there a chance that OOO will fight Kougami in the end?

Kamen Rider OOO, using three Core medals to meet a form. The basic form, TaToBa uses Anku’s Taka, Kazari’s Tora and Uva’s Batta medals. This form can use Medajalibur sword and Tora Claw gauntlets. Also said can perform Tatoba Kick. This is special form, every time change to this a “Tatoba song” will be played (LMAO).

Second form, TakaKiriBa. Almost same with TaToBa just replacing Tora medal with Uva’s Kamakiri medal. In this form OOO is armed by Kamakiri swords.

Now you may notice that OOO has many similarity to previous show, especially Kuuga and Kabuto,

Kamen Rider Kuuga

  • Villain are old creatures
  • Main rider always hanging around with a detective (police)
  • The belt (source power) comes along with the enemy (in this case, the seal)

Kamen Rider Kabuto

  • The heroine works in a cafe/restaurant
  • There are some soldiers from an organization fighting the villain
  • Watch the OP song, Eiji-Anku-Hina standing in circle, similar pose of Tendou-Kagami-Hiyori in OP Next Level

Taka! Tora! Batta!… TATOBA, taTOBA tatoBA!


11 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO First Impression

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  2. The only reason why supporting females after Den-O are portrayed as if they can kick ass, is simply because they could not be Kamen Riders. Except for Natsumi, though. :P

    Anyone wants to bet for THREE Kamen Riders in OOO since “three” is a theme?

    • That’s right. Natsumi is special case since it’s decade show. Something special always happens on rider’s ten year. However it’s only on movie. I don’t include IXA case since everyone can be IXA.

      Omoshiroi, I bet my 50 Cell medals for only two riders! and another 30 for Goto to be 2nd :D

  3. Goto is definitely going to be Kamen Rider #2 for OOO. Think about it – why is Kougami Foundation collecting Cell medals? Probably a Kamen Rider system is in order.

    As for the third, my bet’s on Ankh. Some kind of organic Kamen Rider thing like Gills in Agito. Like, Ankh’s Greeed form looks Kamen Rider-ish.

    • I agree. About Anku, he may become completed in future. And if he screams “henshin” on that time, yes he’s a rider (may be 3rd). I wonder if they can share medals to each others, like 2nd rider uses OOO’s Kamakiri medal.

  4. I actually noticed something. All of OOO’s 9 forms that were shown in scans only had three colors, and that implies that all Core Medals are from three Greeeds (Ankh, Uva and Kazari). What about Mezuru’s and Gameru’s?

    I’m just disappointed that human Mezuru wasn’t Yukana. :(

    • Then you can see my post about Movie War Core, there is a trailer showing OOO with Gameru’s core medal for torso :) also notice that all of those forms don’t show any Anku’s medal except Taka. There isn’t any form which full red, full green or full yellow…

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