New Kamen Rider W DVD Movie

Featuring two story. The first one will tell story about Kamen Rider Accel in crisis. Crisis here can mean new enemy or  house hold problem. You know, he does just marry Akiko in story. New form of Accel will be featured too. This new yellow form is called Accel Booster.

The last one will be telling about Daido Katsumi and NEVER. Matsuoka Mitsuru had said that he wants a spin-off of Kamen Rider Eternal in A to Z/The Gaia Memories of Fate movie’s conference. Seems he will get it. This will tell about history of this group, including Daido’s experience in Eternal transforming. His first henshin won’t complete and turn him into an unstable, red version of Kamen Rider Eternal.

Please remember that “salt” thing for now. Source: JEFusion.


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