Next Combo, SaGorZo!

After Uva-based GataKiriBa and Kazari-based RaToraTa, the 4th coming up Combo is, Gameru-based, SaGorZo.

  • The head medal is Sai medal (Rhino). Providing power to create magnetic field and gravity control. You know, beast identic to metal things.
  • The torso medal is Gori medal (Gorilla). It has ability to launch flying rocket punch as you seen in classic mecha series. In trailer of Movie War Core, Gori medal is used with Taka and Batta medals.
  • The leg medal is Zou medal (Elephant). Bring great power in stomp and kick.

This form will appear on Movie War Core and also be predicted to appear in TV shows around episode 14 or 15. Will we see Mezuru-based combo for OOO?

[Source (plus pic)]


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