Kamen Rider OOO 05-06

Yeah pose on this picture have been a good meme these days. OOO sure is funny. After all, that Ride Vendor didn’t help too much. All you need is a new combo, GataKiriBa! Come to think it, Ride Vendors don’t really need a Cell medal, just  press a remote’s button and put your medal back to your pocket. That cake guy Kougami is really smart, even too smart for a Greeed such Anku. 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 70, 60? Happy Birthday!

60% of gathered medals is too much, for those Can tech I think. They’re just… flying and jumping can. Plus tricky motorbike. I can’t imagine how lol’ed Kazari when hear this. Talking about Greeed, OOO have met Uva and Mezuru on eps 5. From the fight with Uva, Eiji got a set of Core medal including Kuwagata (stag bettle), another Kamakiri (mantis) and another Batta (grasshopper). The first Kamakiri medal was taken by Kazari before, so this is new one. OOO uses this GataKiriBa combo to fight Mezuru’s massive Piranha yummy (yummies?). Kuwagata medal offers cloning/duplication ability. GataKiriBa’s Scanning Charge apply to all duplicate.

Okay that’s for Uva-based combo. You sure already now about RaToraTa and SaGorZo combo. How about Anku-based one? Gekidan posted a new hacked OOOdriver video. Looks like Anku’s set will be Taka (hawk), Kujaku (peacock) and Condor. There is also Shrimp medal (for Mezuru-based) but seems only a promotional. If you’re asking about her combo I can say that Shark medal will come for sure.

Anku sure loves Steve Jobs. Now he uses both iPhone and iPad.

Gata Gata GataKiriBa GataKiriBa!

“Feel the swarm!”


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