This’s Kamen Rider Birth

This’s kinda late but hey let’s talk it. Here is rumor about 2nd rider in OOO, Kamen Rider Birth. Quoted directly from source

When you insert Cell Medals and turn the handle a “kapon” sound will be activated, transforming the user into Kamen Rider Birth. Turning the handle again will activate Birth’s six different forms. The belt is said to change color accordingly once it happens.

* When the capsule on the chest is Red, the Breast Cannon (I am serious) is activated.
* Green on the right arm is the Crane Arm.
* Blue on the right hand is the the Drill Arm.
* Orange left hand is Shovel Arm.
* Purple legs are Caterpillar Legs.
* Yellow on his back is Cutter Wings.
* Inserting 2 Cell Medals and turning the handle activates the Cell Burst which is similar to OOO Scanning Charge.

It’s quite interesting! If we recall about rival riders, they only have 2 or 3 forms but now you have six (although it’s just colors changing). First time I saw Accel, I was thinking why he’s so different from W. Now I have same thought to Birth. What I’m talking about is about the design, because I wanna say “oh-remember-JanpersonJibanWinspectorSolbrain-etc”. And still like Accel, he is sounded weird in first impression. Here is more pictures of his weapon and equipments

The equipments can be combined into a scorpio like mecha. Like Candroid, it will help Birth in battle.

The weapon is a gun as you see. Burst, Cannon, Drill, looks like he’s so destructive. I’m sure that he’s also wasteful in using Cell medal. Just look at his skills, and knowing from where he will come, Kougami Foundation.

Now about next combos of OOO

That’s TaJaDoru, Ankh-based combo. Full red with wings ornament. The weapon is a bowgun attached into left arm. OOO can put some Core medals and use O-Scanner on it. Its Scanning Charge is Giga Scan. About Birth’s belt BirthDriver, it’s simple as you see. It has a turner to choose one of six forms and a slot to insert a medal.

If TaJaDoru has wings, then ShaUTa has four legs as tako! :D

My List of OOO’s combos for now:

  • Ankh/Anku based: Taka (Hawk), Kujaku (Peacock), Kondoru (Condor) = TaJaDoru
  • Uva based: Kuwagata (Stag), Kamakiri (Mantis), Batta (Grasshopper) = GataKiriBa
  • Kazari based: Raion (Lion), Tora (Tiger), Chita (Cheetah) = RaToraTa
  • Gamel/Gameru based: Sai (Rhino), Gori (Gorilla), Zou (Elephant) = SaGorZo
  • Mezool/Mezuru based: Shachi (Orca), Unagi (Eel), Tako (Octopus) = ShaUTa

5 combos + 120 combinations. TOEI must show them all in one year! xD

Remember that wise “salt“.

update: more pics and info from source.


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