Kamen Rider OOO 07-08


First thought when I saw preview of episode 7 was RaToraTa combo would appear on either episode 7 or 8. And what we got is “common” combination from medals of Uva and Kazari. It made me aware that Yummy from Gamel wasn’t strong as it seen. Ok it’s strong at start but every time it made a move, lots of Cell medals are used. That’s why the Yummy became weak at the end when fighting RaKiriBa, beside effect from Raion (Lion) medal’s shining skill.


Back to the plot, Eiji gets his new head medal Raion from Kougami, for “free” (Eiji still doesn’t know about the contract, right?). From this part I can say that Kougami agree with Eiji being OOO. Looks like he’d been waiting for the time when someone use the belt and seal the Greeed again. On other side, Goto seems has a will to become OOO, to protect world (read: become a hero himself). Until now he doesn’t trust Eiji, moreover Ankh. Uva and Kazari have returned each other Core medal, under order of Mezool (still Uva can’t forgive Kazari’s cunning act). Furthermore, Eiji will work at Cous Coussier.

For none of you who is following my write, may notice that I’m changing name of the Greeed, from their spelling names (romaji) to their proper names.


4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider OOO 07-08

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