Kamen Rider W 09-10

Three important points on this arc. First, head of Kougami’s scientists Kiyoto Maki makes his appearance. He’s an odd with a doll on his left arm. Whoever he’s talking with, he always looks at the doll while speaking. An unrespectful respont but seems normal for someone who is genius. He also has “end-fetish” (in contradiction to Kougami’s birth-fetish). Observation, experiment, data are all for him so, sacrificing two or three lives is easy. Second, Maki gives Eiji a new candroid to accompany power of LaToraTa combo, Tora candroid. This little tiger can grow big and attach to a Ride Vendor become Toride Vendor, a tiger-head bike which is able to match with LaToraTa. Toride Vendor also has a pair of claw that can shoot medal-shape blast. Taka, Tako, Batta and now Tora, sure there will be Gori can next time. Bet with me, it’ll be Gori.

Good Satonaka-kun xD

Third, in LaToraTa’s first fight againt Mezool and Gamel, Ankh successfully obtains two pairs of Core Medals which are Tako and Unagi. Come on, one more different Core medal of her then boom! ShaUTa.


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