Local TV Airing Kamen Rider Den-O

I was wandering around TV channels this morning until I spotted a known well show on a channel, it’s Kamen Rider Den-O! It’s already goes on episode 4 (Chameleon imagine). Local TV channels on my country have already aired several series of heisei Kamen Rider. They’re Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, 555, Blade and now Den-O. Hibiki and Kabuto are skipped for unkown reason. I know somebody out there dislike Hibiki but no reason for any of us to do that to Kabuto. But that’s not the question now.

Do you think I’m hoping to they air Kamen Rider series? Not really. I actually don’t like it. First, they have bad dubber. Second is about ads and last, they translate “henshin” word into a horrifying word in my local language. Thanks God they have no idea to translate the theme songs.

In addition to Kamen Rider, they also have aired some Power Rangers (Western’s sentai adaptation), Metal Hero and Ultra series.


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