It’s Over X Action Zero

Exam (two) weeks is passsed and I get the “paid” with… one, two, five days of free. I passed day one and two successfully in repairing my beloved old PC. Bad umigate hard drive is bad. Quantum ftw! and it has bigger size in byte too. Good that I lost my music list. They’re new, albums and singles. Need to bring them back. How can I work without them covering noise sound of fans?

Having more space is good, especially when you have some titles to watch. T-N have greatly presented subbed trilogy movie of Den-O (that traffic light movies), episode Red, Blue and Yellow. I already watched the red one about Yuuto (Zeronos) and Airi. It’s good, no wonder for had been ruling over Japan’s box office chart for some weeks. If you see for action oriented, this Red isn’t suitable. I’d to see a long romance epilogue before jumped to the real plot. Once more without hesitate Yuuto henshins into Zeronos’s Zero form to save Airi. But! no Buster Nova attack until end. The imagin in question itself is defeated by Den-O Climax form. So unusual for a rider. Next I’ll take my precious time slowly for Blue and Yellow. Oh once more, C-K presented subbed second movie of Kamen Rider Black too. I shouldn’t forget to watch OOO 12-13. Great, lot of things to watch!

Last of my words, I’m typing these with a new keyboard :)


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