Today Movie War Core

Current Firefox (3.6.13) is kinda worst. I’ve experienced so many crash events compared to 3.6.10 or older. Seems Chrome is better. Just seems…

Kamen Rider W RETURNS will really bring Kamen Rider W back to the show. So, it’s not just a general title for spin-off of Accel and Eternal. Kamen Rider Accel’s part will be released on April 2011 followed by Kamen Rider Eternal’s part on July 2011.

Kamen Rider Birth will be potrayed by Hiroaki Iwanaga with Date as the character name. Birth/Date will show up around episode 17-18.

If I’m not mistaken, today is premiere day of Movie War Core in Japan. Japanese will be first audience to see (outside any “tube”) Kamen Rider Birth and OOO’s TaJaDoru combo in action. Unfortunately I’m not living in Japan T___T



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