More Interesting… but now rumors

Second load on jefusion, UkiyaSeed’s post about new rumour of Kamen Rider OOO have stopped me for some minutes to read. Omoshiroi thought, OOO will have new reptil based combo KoraKaWani (Cobra, Turtle (Kame), Crocodile (Wani)). There is also rumour about 3rd rider (after OOO and Birth) using Ari (ant), Gazelle and Ushi (buffalo) medals. OOO’s most powerful form (or final form) will come from Giru (dinosaur greeed) and it has ability change to Complete Full Body form where is CGI. That zauru combo are assembled through Tricera (head), Ptera (torso) and Tyrano (leg) medals. They’ve not been confirmed but.


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