Kamen Rider OOO 11-12

Ah, it has been a long time since the last review. I don’t know why I forgot to do this. This episodes are kinda great, yet has no climax. I mean, in the critical moment Eiji easily grabs Gamel’s Core medals in one shot, complete a set of Combo medals! That’ why OOO can turn the table then defeats Uva, Gamel and Ageha yummy. A hard grey combo, even the roar can snatch Uva’s Kuwagata medal back to Ankh using Sai (rhino), Gorilla and Zou (elephant) medals. We call it SaGohZo, SaGohZo! Combo.

The difficult thing of defeating this yummy is located on its ability to fly. As we know OOO doesn’t have Kujaku medal yet (see post about Ankh’s TaJaDoru combo), I think TakaKiriBa is a good choice. It works, combined with TakaKirieTar as the finisher. But Goto’s selfishness makes him attack OOO in the middle of Scanning Charge attack. This is second time when OOO fails to perform his finisher, the only once performed TaToBa kick was also failed by Kazari (OOO should train more, call Tachibana!). Kougami actually has tried to help by giving new Candroid Denki Unagi. The Unagis worked well as bandage electric belt until Uva and Gamel come to intercept. This is the critical moment I said before.

So funny to know that Eiji is afraid to snake but not eel. In other side Hina meets Uva again, what a fated meet. But this time she can surprise Uva with her incredible strength. Belt of Kamen Rider Birth also be showed in the middle conversation of Maki and Kazari. Seriously, I can’t understand the relationship between those human and Greeed. One be willing to be observed while the other one want to observe but not to be observed and both of them aren’t talking about each goal to observe and be observed ~___~


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