Kamen Rider OOO 13-14

Special things on these episodes are new random combo, trash yummy and a glance of Birth’s henshin belt! Fighting Kazari’s yummy, Eiji repeats what he did on the past fatty neko by using rapid kicks of TakaToraTar to free Tamura Kei. She is a surgeon who has strange desire to do surgery. I think that Siam-neko yummy isn’t a big deal so a SaGohZo combo might overdo it.  At the end, that yummy is only finished by OOO Bash.

The random combo appeared, GataToraBa is used by Eiji to eliminate Uva’s Trash yummy. Trash yummy is a low rank creature created from a half of broken Cell medal. Just say, they are what inside the Cell medal is. One medal can create two of them like zergling :) A head medal has two different attacks, each for random and pure combo. Kuwagata has ability creating duplicate (GataKiriBa) and on random combo, perform electric shock. Same thing also happens on Raion head with its heat (LaToraTar) and emitting light (random combo).

The belt of Kamen Rider Birth which is based on gashapon, candles and scorpion. Until this arc there is still no sign of its holder although we all already know who he is. On the last fight with Kazari, Eiji loses Tora and Cheetah medal. So the current medals are 2 Takas, 2 Unagis, Sai, Gorilla, Zou, Raion, Tora, Kuwagata, Kamakiri and Batta. It is showed that Ankh’s Kujaku medal is stored in Kougami.


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