DD Addicted!

Ok it’s not about any dr*g or f*tish. DD is refered to a small roguelike dungeon game called Desktop Dungeon by QCFdesign. What unique from this game is the playtime. Normally you just need 5-15 minutes to finish a dungeon level of this 5MB application, except you get confused by some simple mathematical equations. Yeah, you need to calculate every factors (represented by stats) to win this small game which becoming not easy again after be explored.

favourite class, rogue!

It’s true that a dungeon level only need some minutes to take it, if you only play once and close it. The problem is I actually spent several hours for it! I dunno but it’s very interesting. Unlocking all class and maps never becomes so fun. Thanks to great design of stats, items, monsters and classes. You who need something easy to play in your break time, try this. 

great boss, the dragon!

A dungeon level’s size is 20 x 20 blocks and contains 39 monsters and several of items (glyphses, potions and stats), altars and shops. Each of monster, altar, shop, boss, item and your hero requires one block. You choose one of 18 classes and one of 7 races to mix their skills. Max level of game is level 10 (your hero and boss).

miscalculation =_=

A dungeon boss must be defeated to complete a level. Unfortunately you can only able to get lv8 toward normal farming before have monster runout. Additional EXP can be gathered from altars (BI + PM) and leveling skill (kill monsters of higher level to you). Actually lv7 is enough to punch the boss helped by health/mana potions and skill of glyphses, but you need make it right. You see my Gnome Transmuter? defeated because I had not enough mana potion by one. Just one!

A sample of Snake Pit dungeon. Some dungeon maps have two bosses that must be defeated both. I have only finished it with an easy-going class such as Paladin and of course, my best Rogue LoL~


4 thoughts on “DD Addicted!

      • Simple game, eh? There is a ton of strategy in this game! It’s kind of weird how indie games are somehow better than retail games. Have you ever seen Attack of the Movies 3D? DD is about 300 times better.

  1. That’s right. Just take an example such as FF series. Indie developers are used to write program from scratch using C/C++ and pay attention hardly on gameplay to hide the lack of art. That’s good to improve your creativity. They might be using additional library, but not engine which only offer great 3D art.

    The problem now is I can’t beat Snake Pit with Monk ~_~

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