Today Everywhere’s Subject: Utopia!

Utopia was seized by police! who done it, Ryuu, Jinno or Makura? The “utopia” on question is a S.I.C figure of Utopia dopant. Keiichi Itou (35) and Jun Fujita (36), two hobbyists of Niigata toy shop were arrested and charged with criminal copyright infringement for modifing that figure. The item itself was sold in Yahoo’s auction page for ¥270.000 to a Tokyo man.

So, for you who are a cosplayer, doujin maker, Gundam hobbyist or anything related to parody, think it twice before publishing your great work. Above custom figure, quite awesome I think.


2 thoughts on “Today Everywhere’s Subject: Utopia!

  1. Wait… so they modified the figure and they were arrested for reselling it? Is this a very special figure or did they create the figure from copyrighted property? It looks pretty amazing.

    Sorry, I don’t follow this scene. ;o

    • This is an antagonist character (villain) of Kamen Rider W series, where he is called “Utopia dopant” and became the last boss battle. I think it’s copyright-ed like as common anime char figure. They modified it (seems on the details) and resell it. Dunno if it’s very special or not, but I appreciate what they did (¥270.000 is the proof). If public love what they made, why don’t hire them as assistant? that’s better for both future of hobbyists and company itself.

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