Kamen Rider OOO 15-16

Ankh sure loses many Core medals this time, after Kazari broke his best medals achievement 16 to 14 Cores by stealing Tora and Cheetah medals on last epsiode. As fallen to Kazari’s trap, Eiji’s disagreement with Ankh causes them lose all Mezool’s (2 Unagies), Kamakiri and Kuwagata medals to Kazari. Gotou in fortune saves Taka and Batta so we can still see TaToBa combo. They quarrel about prioritize in saving Hina or snatching Kujaku medal from Kougami. Yes, Hina was kidnapped by Kazari into a transport truck which contained 5000 Cells and Kujaku medal!

In the end Ankh is enticed by Eiji’s one year ice cream stock offer. They come back to Kazari and try to get Cores back. Unfortunately Gamel is deceived by Kazari and creates Rikugame Yummy. OOO who starts with SaGohZo, have to suffer from more loss again when all of his Gamel’s Cores are taken by Kazari. In return OOO snatches his Cheetah medal with LaToraZo and be able to perform LaTorarTar combo. The yummy is defeated by OOO Bash. Now Ankh has only 6 Cores.

Kazari who “work” to Maki gives all Cores (except his) to Gamel (total 10 Cores) to begin “container experiment”. They’re Sai, Gorilla, Zou, 3 Unagies, 2 Sachies and 2 Takos. Mezool who is suffered with only one Core inside her meets Gamel and take all of him (yes, she want him all!). Maki comes and gives 5000 Cells plus Kuwagata + Kamakiri to her. That makes Mezool be uncontrolled. Actually Maki could put Kujaku medal too if only Kazari didn’t take it for himself. With the help from Kamen Rider Birth (TV series debut), OOO gets Kuwagata and Kamakiri and becomes GataKiriBa to defeat combined Mezool and Gamel. The dispersed Cores are snatched by Kazari, Uva and Ankh where Ankh only gets a Gorilla plus Unagi. Ankh’s achievement now is 10 Cores.

Hmm tortoise body with tako legs with zou (elephant) horn and nose plus sachi head. Some spoiler: ShaUTa combo will debut on episode 23 while TaJyaDol will debut before it.


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