Avex’s Heisei Kamen Rider Songs Voting

Avex music will release compilation album of all Heisei Kamen Rider songs including OP, ED and insert song. The album’s title is Heisei Kamen Rider Best Album 2011 and scheduled to release on April 27. And you who can’ read Japanese must keep reading this since I’ll tell you how to vote. Vote what? Avex has opened a voting to let you choose what songs will be included in the album.

How to vote:

  1. Go to the site and scroll until you see a combo box.
  2. That combo box contains titles (Japanese) and song track (number). You can know how your chosen show written in Japanese through Wikipedia or just spell it from Kuuga to OOO. You can see which track it is on the table at bottom of the site.
  3. There are two radio buttons, left is “male” right is “female” (it has always been like that).
  4. A group of radio buttons with numbers. They’re asking for age.
  5. A text field for comment (optional).
  6. The only button, “VOTE”!

Easy isn’t it? I personally voted for “Lord of the Speed” of Kamen Rider Kabuto. What’s your choice?

The voting has opened on January 25 (2 days ago) which is also the birth date of Shotaro Ishinomori and will be closed on March 4.



6 thoughts on “Avex’s Heisei Kamen Rider Songs Voting

    • Yea I tried voting again and it works! This time it was “05 BELIEVE YOURSELF 風雅なおと” I was going to vote for Cyclone Effect but the acoustic ver. wasn’t there.

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