Kamen Rider 17-18

One of blue Mezool’s Core medals has been used in middle fight of Kuwagata yummy. That was Unagi medal which ultilizes Unagi eletric whips on TakaUTar combo. Soon we’ll come to the next combo ShaUTa. But that’s not the best part here. Kamen Rider Birth dominates the battles so we can see more action of his CLAWs. Watching these episodes we will also know what kind of person Date Akira is. Date is not only funny but also does have sharp mind. After his first appearance, about two or three episodes ahead will focus on him.

Date can use Birth Buster (gun loaded with Cell medals) in human mode revealing that weapon isn’t part of the henshin belt system. It has Cell Burst Mode as its finisher by put Cell Bullet Pod into the mouth of the gun. What difference of this and Breast Cannon’s Cell Burst is how they fire. Breast Cannon fires continuously while Birth Buster fires once. Birth can charge Cell Burst more by inserting more than two Cell medals into Birth driver. In this time Birth uses about 8-10 Cell medals to Cell Burst the yummy down. Date also encounters Uva, forces him to use another CLAWs equipment Catepillar Legs and Drill Arm. All of this equipments can attract Cell medals to them, especially Crane Arm which always be used to “clean” after-fight price (i.e dropped Cell medals).

Last, clear image of OOO’s strongest combo PuToTera Combo. Equipped with Medagaburyu which can acted as axe and gun, PuToTera uses three dinosaur medals of Giru. But before it, we’ll meet ShaUTa and TaJaDol combo first. Sachi medal can allow OOO to emits sonic wave and turns into liquid (as Black RX Bio form did) in combo. Tako medal provides four enchanted legs for stronger kicks.


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