Impressions of This Season

Okay I have taken glance on some titles of current season of anime series.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Korezom)

The most LOL series I think. I always love thing which can make me laugh in first 20 minutes. Ayumu Aikawa’s true role is a zombie but he also doesn’t want disappoint you trap fetish guy by obtaining ability to become a masou shoujo. This is caused by second lead Haruna. Don’t bother me, Haruna isn’t main heroine for my sake. Un-seiyuu-ed heroine Eucliwood Hellscythe FTW! Actually she doen’t really un-seiyuu-ed, she has so many voices in each episode.

Yes, it’s harem. Both of them is flat so they add busty one for me, Kyuketsu-ninja Seraphim. She took appearance on 2nd episode, when I started to nosebleed ‘_’ It has been long time since I saw beautiful art of F-cup since Index’s Kaori. Then I mused, why they can draw such shape without any real life model. Tagashira and Ichikura are great. The hysteria of suffer and pain plus some fan services on this season, you won’t miss this one.

Infinite Stratos (IS)This also an adaptation of light novel media with no change on title. IS concentrates on the only one boy which can use female IS unit properly. I wrong to say “female IS” since IS is only for girls. As expected we’ll have generic school harem with no other male beside our hero Ichika Orimura. The heroines go around childhood friend and rival. What typical is that each heroine represents different styled country like Houki (Japan), Lingyin (China) and Cecilia (Europe). Less sugar and more plain.

That’s all I watch this season. I sure have tight time. The others tasted are

Yumekui Merry

One of favourited series. I have watched about first two episodes. It’s good, I just don’t feel to watch it now. Later would be. Oh, Merry says that to below title.


Meh, the breast is nice but I can’t watch something uncencored. Plus I think it’s creepy to see multiple girls hold weapon and get guroed while our hero just standing, watching, screaming or whatelse.

The rest series can’t attract me through their titles, summaries or background media.


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