Kamen Rider OOO 19-20

Three things that happened this time. First, new type of Yummy is created by Kazari. Using three Mezool’s Core, his yummy becomes a hybrid of lion and jellyfish, be imune to heat light of Lion head. Looks like Kazari is the smartest Greeed among them, if we call Ankh to be not smart but crafty. He only used a set of her medals to prevent berserking. The design of the yummy is not quite good, regarding a huge jellyfish’s ballon attached to lion body, it looked like victim of boil to me.

Second, Date finally knows Goto’s moive to become Birth. Date is really do this as pure bussiness so he doesn’t mind to give Birth to him after got 100 million. But, Goto isn’t ready yet. Look his thin body compared to Date, he needs more train (I suggest body building at least). Date tests him to endure Birth Buster’s recoil in one shot. Shot it and Goto goes fly like small fish. You need more training dude, I want to watch Date longer.

Third, another Core medal of Ankh is found. This time is Condol medal from Kougami’s trip to Europe. Seriously, he takes everything such Greeed and world destruction with ease. However, Eiji saves it until last battle with the yummy. Before that, Ankh successfully snatches his Kujaku from Kazari. In result, Tajadol combo shows up and finish the yummy easily by Prominence Kick. This makes Kamen Rider OOO to be the 6th rider who can fly after Skyrider, Blade (Jack form), Kabuto (Hyper form), Den-O (Climax form) and W (CJX Gold). The combo’s theme song “Time Judged All” makes me love it more than previous songs. In the end, Ankh doesn’t regenerate his body although already has four Cores. Starting this point, mystery of Ankh will be revealed on next few episodes.


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