Next 2011-2012 Rider

Kamen Rider OOO still has a long way to go but we can already take a glance about the futher series of Kamen Rider on 2011-2012. However his name haven’t revealed yet until now. All I read just go around the forms, theme and villain. Before you read, make yourself salty first ;)

  • He’ll be called Kamen Rider Dragon. The name sounds no interesting at all but I believe it’s the same case as OOO’s Regulus name so no need to talk about this (name aspect) for now.
  • This Kamen Rider seems to be themed on famous men around the world. They would be Bruce Lee, Billy the Kid, King Arthur, Hattori Hanzo and Tarzan. Truly famous, especially for Tarzan and Bruce Lee :) I call it “famous men” but actually it’s suppossed to be “Great Men”.
  • The forms are called based on those character such as “Kung Fu“, “Gunman“, “Knight“, “Shinobi” and “Wild“. However, these names are still doubted.
  • Each forms has its own weapon like Den-O and Kiva. I won’t surprise if you can guess all weapons, except for “Wild” and “Shinobi”. You know, a ninja can bring everything but it must be not far from Kunai, Katana and else. “Kung-Fu” may have no weapon as Joker of Kamen Rider W.
  • Each forms has 3 different states (so we get 3 x 15 type of forms now). Those states will change appearance and weapon. For example, Pistol > Dual Wield > Rifle or Nunchuk > Tonfa > Lance.
  • Like Eiji who has partner Ankh, he has multiple partners. They’re Dragon, Rock , Fox, and Lizard describing each character except Tarzan respectively.
  • The belt hatches the eggs.
  • In same place as O Medals, he has “Monster Egg“. It’s a transparant egg where you can see the monster inside it. It’s not clear if this Kamen Rider will transform with these eggs. “these”? yeah, because there’ll be 100 eggs!
  • The monsters seems to follow the master (rider) like Ryuki’s. They also need human energy to prevent reverting into weakest form. Grown up beast -> Young beast -> Egg. You know, like Digimon.
  • The eggs can transform into bigger monster by combining them. They also can change into bike. And I hope the design goes well.
  • The villain is called Mazoku.
  • Because of a curse from the Mazoku, legends all over the world were turned into monsters. These legends can be a good or bad person. So we’ll see the rider’s fight with monster of George Washington, Hitler or Yue Fei ?! this part sounds great to me.
  • Mazoku and Monster mentioned above are two different things.
  • Like Kamen Rider W and OOO, he will take an appearance on previous rider’s movie which will be OOO’s. Kamen Rider OOO will face the first Mazoku with TakaJaTar combo before this Kamen Rider show up.

You can find many more rumors about this on search engines.


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