Earthquakes Hit Japan

NHK News - Surviving Cat

An 8-point-9 magnitude earthquake did strike Miyagi, Japan a few hours ago. Right after it, a huge tsunami hit the north eastern part. The tsunami was also followed by some “small” earthquakes around 7.9 to 8.8 magnitude. The causalities are reported to be massive. Four nuclear reactors including Onogawa’s one have already stopped and closed. All of those cause blackout and drop the communication lines too. At least those all I hear from the reporting TV now. Now after the hit, all countries around Japan are facing same tsunami threat from there. The threat apply to Russia, Hawaii, until Australia. This is the worst earthquake of Japan after 20 years.

As fan of its entertaining (or “life need” in my term) products, what we can do from far now is praying for their safety. Hang in there guys.


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