I Need New Table

I need new table for my old desktop PC. One I am using now is becoming unstable and shaky when I kick it -it’s not like that I’m strong-. It’s already 8 years old if I count the first time it came to my room as its birthday. So yeah, I need new one or short later my LCD will jump off.

Mentioning “birthday” today is Gertrud Barkhorn’s (´∀`)

Other side of world, Kamen Rider OOO’s summer movie is rumored to feature two new movie exclusive riders, Kamen Rider Clear (クリア) and Kamen Rider End. Kamen Rider Clear will be protagonist working with Eiji while Kamen Rider End will be the enemy. The reptile Greeed Rei (or Ray) will aid Kamen Rider End. As the result of featuring new Greeed, OOO will receive movie combo KoraKaWani.

Hina-chan is also rumored too for becoming next female rider after Kamen Rider Kivaara. Using Hyacinth, Carnation and Tulip Core medals, she will henshin to flower-greeed combo based rider. As flower themed the Greeed is supossed to be female -we lack of them after the “death” of Mezool-. Said before Rei is also female who will be played by one of Super Sentai Heroine. Female reptile sounds sensual to me.


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