Kamen Rider OOO 21-22

Ah~ another late review due serious heavy works on shoulder. I swear no matter how busy it is, one free day for rest is absolute for health sake. Actually it’s not really “free” since I use that day to get rid of my watchlist (watching is a job/task, too :p). After a new torso medal found, it’s natural to see Taka**Ba combo next (TakaGoriBa, TakaUBa). As you know, Eiji uses TakaJaBa to help Date fighting Uva and his justice Batta yummy. Kujaku medal provides wing and Taja Spinner services. It’s not clear why it’s called “Taja”, an abbreviation for Taka and Kujaku. It makes me doubt that the spinner would appear if Eiji uses a non-Taka medal for head along with Kujaku.

Taja Spinner’s Giga Scan can be performed on any combo using Kujaku medal, as I heard. Unfortunately we can’t see how it would look like on TakaJaBa combo. The “true” Giga Scan Magna Blaze appears on TaJaDol combo, showing huge bird flame aura. So whatever Giga Scan of random combo looks like, it wouldn’t be as great as TaJaDol‘s one. It may results on small colorful blast from arm or else. Not only OOO who learn something, Birth shows the combination of Drill and Crane Arm. If I look it closely, Birth’s right arm becomes longer than it’s own whole body.

Another random combo featured is TakaToraDol, which seems not match well caused by Condol leg’s overwhelming elegant design. It’s right, think why Taka head turn into Brave Hawk on full combo. That for match the fixed design of Kujaku and Condol body part. Kujaku on random combo doesn’t cause serious problem since i’s applied for torso, which still make a balance. Summer movie of OOO is near and rumors (as usual) start spreading. Rumor: Kougami is the alchemist who created Greeed and Core medals. He will reveal himself in front of Eiji and Ankh on the movie.


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