Kamen Rider OOO 23-24

OOO has completed his five combos by acquiring ShaUTa combo. This combo takes the longest time to be shown since the rumor’s spreading. I remember to get excited when Ankh got Mezool’s Unagi and Tako cores on the first appearance of LaToraTar (I did spell it “RaToraTa” back there) combo. I thought “cmon bring me that blue” but that’s nothing. Later when he (Ankh) got back Tako medal from Uva’s body, my excited feeling came back. The “last piece” medal Sachi is easily taken from Kazari by just using Tora‘s Claw and Taka‘s Eyes. Yeah,now you just  know what so special of Taka head is.

Kazari begins his next level of evolution by puts Gamel’s cores into him. This results no more “cat” based yummy on his creation, but mix of “beast” and “fish”. For example, this ugly yummy Ei-Sai (ray and rhino). Surprisingly, you can defeat the yummy one part by part. Birth with his enchanted Drill Arm defeats the rhino part first in one hit. The rhino part turns into cell medal and leaves the ray part alone, make it unstable and go berserk. This berserking ray part is the one that need to be taken down by ShaUTa combo. Why is the rhino part so weak? even if it’s upgraded weapon, Birth’s Drill Arm has never been used to kill a yummy. This might be caused by amount of Gamel’s cores inside Kazari’s. He only puts two of them, less than Mezool’s cores that up to five. Back then, Lion-Kuragi yummy is very strong on the lion part resulted by Kazari’s cores that overcome Mezool’s. This makes clear everything.

Hina-chan says “henshin!”? she should be the next rider! I demand it!

And spoilers for close. Block the next sentences to see it. Kazari will give Eiji the dinosaur medals to make him berserk and go out control so OOO can kill Birth. The dinosaur greeed, Giru, won’t work together with Uva who has plan to revive Gamel and Mezool.


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